Monday, 15 May 2017

Royal Windsor Horse Show - May 13th 2017

Prince Philipp & Princess Saskia of Hohenlohe-Langenburg

Lady Penny Brabourne (Formerly Lady Penny Romsey)

Prince Ludwig & Princess Marianne of Baden (he is the Nephew of the Duke of Edinburgh, his Mother was the Prince's Sister, Theodora.)

Prince Nasser of Bahrain

Replica of BIG BEN in the showground arena

The Queen arrives with the King of Bahrain

The Royal Windsor Horse Show is always a enjoyable part of the Royal Family's year. 
Its an event I havent been to for over 20 years! 
Trying to find the Royals at the showground can be compared to like finding a needle in a haystack but I just about managed!!

The Queen drove herself around the Morning obstacle course to watch competitors, (The Duke used to compete himself) briefly getting out of her car to watch. She was joined by members of her Husbands family who watched from the sidelines with the crowds, oblivious to who they were.

Lady Penny Brabourne, along with the Duke of Edinburgh, were course stewards, and she briefly popped to chat to other stewards for a chat.

Later on that afternoon, the youngers royals took their families around the show, and found time to play on the activity centre.
The younger royals warmly greeting each other with hugs, particularyly lady Louise and Peter Phillips and the Countess of Wessex and Autumn Phillips.  The Earl of Wessex left early with his daughter Lady Louise, leaving the Countess and their son, Viscount James Severn to enjoy the inflatables. The Countess took great joy filming her son with his Mobile as he came down the slide!

The unseen stars of the day were Savannah and Isla, the children of Peter and Autumn Philips, who like their Grandmother, Princess Anne, are proved theyalready have a daredevil approach to life, even at a young age!

Later on, The Queen returned to the Arena, with the King of Bahrain and other guests to watch the comnpetition continue.

A Right Royal Day Out!!

Photographs (C) Paul Ratcliffe  

Please respect my rights as the photographer.