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Harewood House

HRH Princess Mary

Some of Princess Mary's hats

All Saint's Church, Harewood

The Penguin Pool

The Stupa

A Heron having a moment to him/herself!!

The Stepping Stones

The Himalayan Garden

The Harewood Coat of Arms

The Terrace


The Stewards Room

The Still Room

The Vegetable Scullery

The Kitchens
They have been used for filing in dramas such as 'Victoria' and Downton Abbey The Movie'

Princess Mary's Coronet

The Coronation Robes worn by the 7th Earl of Harewood and his 1st wife, Marion, to the 1953 coronation of Elizabeth II


One of the many magnificent ceilingsat Harewood

The late incumbents of Harewood, the 7th Earl (son of Princess Mary) and his second wife, Patricia

the 6th Earl of Harewood

The State Dining Room

The Gallery

Lady Worsley
'The Scandalous Lady W' Step-Daughter of the Baron of Harewood. She scandalized society.

Patricia, Countess of Harewood pictured at an event (probably in the Library of the House) wearing Queen Victoria's Sapphire & Diamond coronet

The Main Library

The State Bed

A Represention of Joshua Reynolds Room for the 'Refraning Reynilds' Exhibition

Thje Chinese Wallpaper

The Est Bedroom

 Harewood House

The ancestral seat of the Earl's of Harewood / the Lascelles family.

Also, through her marriage a home to a Princess.

HRH Princess Mary, daughter of HM King George V and Queen Mary, in 1922 married the then Lord Harewood, later the 6th Earl.
On his inheritance of the title, they both moved here, with their young children, George and Gerald. Remaining there until their deaths. The Earl in 1947, the Princess in 1965.

You enter the house thought the Entrance Hall, and the imposing statue of ADAM

From here you then walk around the State rooms, all connected by a corridor (although there's a corridor on the other side of the walls so rooms are accessed easier for guests. 
For the visitor though you walk through the corridors around the exterior of the house.
It is opulent, rich in colour and gives you the WOW factor.

Designed by Robert Adam, the house is full of wondaful furniture and object d'art. And some amazing pieces by Chippendale furniture (the Otley born carpenter born not far away from the estate)

Through to the rooms once used by Princess Mary. In the display cabinets and the items she collected, and those with a direct link to her family. On the walls are many family portraits.

The East Bedroom showcases the stunning Chinese Wallpaper.  Out of favour with future generations of the early 19th century, it was rolled away and then re-hung nearly 200 years later, amazingly in a wonderful condition.

This summer a new exhibition is in the house, 
''Reframing Reynolds''

Showcasing several portraits in the house, painted by renowned artist, Joshua Reynolds. And they are superb. Shown in several rooms of the house, you can get up close to one of them, which has been removed from its frame.

The State Bedroom houses the magnificent state bed. 
It's here in 1835 a young Princess Victoria slept (later to be Queen Victoria)

The Spanish library ( named after the leather coverings from Spain between the high bookcases and celiing) shows some wonderful family photographs, including royals visits over the year to the House.

I always look upwards (many people are oblivious what is out of their eyeline!) 
There are some truly beautiful ceilings at Harewood. 

You can go at your own speed in the house, and there are house guides in many rooms to ask questions to.

The Old Kitchen (used in many dramatizations such as Downton Abbey The Movie and Victoria' give you an insight into what life below stairs was like. 
Many separate rooms were used for various styles of cooking. With the rooms of the resident French Chef looking down.

As you leave the house you are guided to the Servants Hall. 
This year, to co-incide with the Coronation of HM King Charles III, a Crowning Glory exhibition is show.
On show are the Coronation Robes worn by Princess Mary's son, George, the 6th Earl of Harewood and his first wife, Marion.

Also there in a glass display cabinet are five of the Coronets worn at Coronations by the family. 
Princess Mary's, worn at three coronations.
Her parents in 1911, her brothers in 1937 and her nieces in 1953

Then after passing through the servants corridors and Terrace Gallery, you step out onto the Terrace.

The gardeners have kept it beautful. Laid out how it would have been seen. The centrepiece is a  statue of 'Orpheus  
Installed in 1985 after the fountain where it stood fell apart!

You can walk for miles in the Gardens. See the Himalayan gardens and most recent addition, the Buddhist Stupa

Near the driveway to the House and gardens is All Saints Church.

This is where generations of Harewood's are buried. No longer a working church since the 1960's (it is just used for family events: weddings and funerals)

Tle family vault is beneath the Altar, and is unmarked. 
On the wall are memorials to Earls and Countesses.

At the Altar is an Altar Rail and Gate. Placed in memory of the Princesses father, King George V

Sadly the famous Bird Gardens are now long gone, as are the Flamingoes.

The Penguin Pool remains at present anyway and they are always delightful!!

There is a small farm with pigs, goats and guinea pigs!

I've visited since I was a small child so have many happy memories. It has changed a lot, and continues to change as they move forwards for future generations to enjoy.

There's a complimentary Shuttle Bus (wheelchair friendly) that on request can take visitors from the Gateway (entrance off the main road) to the Church, House or Lakeside.

Harewood attractors visitors worldwide. 
For visitor information please visit

Harewood House

HRH Princess Mary Some of Princess Mary's hats All Saint's Church, Harewood The Penguin Pool The Stupa A Heron having a moment to hi...