Sandringham House

The Lake at Sandringham

The Grave of Prince John (The Lost Prince) - Fifth Son of King George V and Queen Mary, who died January 18th 1919

The Grave of Prince Alexander John. The One day old son of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra who was born April 6th 1871 and died the next day.

The Spencer / Fermoy Family Graves:

  • Edmund Maurice, 4th Baron Fermoy (died 8th July 1955) and his wife, Ruth Fermoy (Died 6th July 1993) - 
                   Diana's Grandmother & Grandfather
  • John Spencer - The One day old son of the Earl and Countess of Spencer - Born and Died January 12th 1960. 
  • Elizabeth Roche - Daughter of the 5th Baron, 
                      27th March- 2 April 1966
  • Edmund Roche 5th Baron Fermoy  Died 19 August 1984 

The Interior of Sandringham Church. It is here the Royal Family worship. The interior is visually stunning. Also there are many memorials to members of the Royal Family's who have passed away. The most recent being the Queen Mother.
                 ALL Photographs Copyright of: Paul Ratcliffe

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