A review on my recent visit to the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds.  

This National Museum is linked to the Tower of London and is home to some amazing Arms and Armour over the many centuries.

As you walk inside the Museums entrance, you see the magnificent Hall of Steel. Armour and weapons adorning the tower, as you walk around the steps to the Gallery floors.

At present, there is a temprorary Exhibiiton on the Staffordshire Hoard. And the opportunity to see up close some anazing items of history, many breathtaking in their richness and intricate detailing.

There are suits of Armour that belonged to King Henry VIII, along with his contemporaries. As well as many aspects of Oriental armour. 

The Museum is seperated into seperate Galleries. And in the Tournament one I watched a display of Two Sword Combat (rather them than me I thoight!!) - amazing to watch.

As well as Tudor items, there are more modern items. 
There's the Pistol used by Gavrilo Princip to assasinate 
Archduke Franz Ferdinand. His actions were a major factor in the start of the First World War.

Also, up to date, is the iconic Body Armour worn by Diana, Princess of Wales as she walked though a Landmine area 
in Angola in 1997. 
Now more faded than its images taken of the Princess on the day, it nevertheess forms part of many iconic items vistors 
can see for free.

One of the best well know items, and the symnbol of the Museum, is King Henry VIII's Horned Helmet. The detailing is amazing. 
The Mask opens up to put on, and its menacing detail and unusual spectacles, make it something you definatley want to see.

For more information see their website:

Plus in their gift shop you can buy a King Henry VIII 
& Mary, Queen of Scots Rubber Duck!!! 
And dont forget to have your photo taken 's alongside the Elephant in its Armour!!!


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