Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Prince Charles CLAPHAM March 2005

n March 2005, Prince Charles came to the Yorkshire Dales, where he visited Clapham (a few weeks before his wedding to 
Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles.)
He showed his delight when given a box of Yorkshire Tea 
by a well-wisher.

Photographs Copyright of: Paul Ratcliffe

Queen and Prince Philip WEST NEWTON February 2005

The Queen and Prince attending Morning Service in the village of West Newton in Norfolk, in Fenbruary 2005. 
Among their guests was Lady Penny Romsey.

Photographs Copyright of: Paul Ratcliffe

Diana, Princess of Wales HARROGATE March 1991

Diana, Princess of Wales on her visit to North Yorkshire 
in March 1991. 

There she opened the new offices of the Harrogate Advertiser newspaper and afterwards opened the town's new 
Magistrates Court. 

The Princess is seen running out of the Courthouse in the pouring rain to get to her car!!!

Photographs Copyright of: Paul Ratcliffe

Royal Family WINDSOR CASTLE - Easter 1991

The Royal Family pictured attending an Easter Sunday Church Service in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle in March 1991.
Diana and Sarah carried their children's Easter Eggs back to Windsor Castle.  
The sight of Rubbish Skips an unusual backdrop for the walking Royals, but it was at that time a new Gift Shop was being constructed in the Middle Ward.

Photographs Copyright of: Paul Ratcliffe