Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Memorial Service for the 6th Duke of Westminster CHESTER November 2016

Gamekeepers from the Duke's Estate

Edward Van Cutsem (Husband of Lady Tamara)

Edward van Cutsem kisses Lady Susan Hussey

Lady Eloise Anson (Daughter of Lord Patrick Lichfield)

Lady Jane Dawney (Formerley the Duchess of Roxburghe and Sister to the Late Duke) with her husband,

Lady Edwina Snow enters the Cathedral with her children

The Duchess of Cornwall drops her Order of Service

HRH The Duchess of Gloucester with her daughter, Lady Rose Gilman

Lady Susan Hussey

Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece

Hugh and Alice Van Cutsem

Emilie Van Cutsem

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton

Peter Snow (Father to Dan, who is married to Lady Edwina)
The Life of the 6th Duke of Westminster was celebrated with a service at Chester cathedral. The Duke was a very popular figure in the area.

The service was attended by many of the Duke's friends, family and estate workers, as well as many members of the Royal Family.

Attending were the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall (representing the Queen), The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Eugenie (representing her father), The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and their daughter Lady Rose Gilman, Princess Alexandra and her brothers, The Duke of Kent and Prince Michael of Kent.

Also there were foreign Royalty, Including Prince Salaman, the Crown Prince of Bahrain and Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece (representing his father)

A Military guard of honour welcomed and bid farewell to guests.

A fitting tribute to a much loved Duke.

Photographs Copyright (C) Paul Ratcliffe