Sunday, 28 January 2018

HRH Prince Harry & Miss Meghan Markle - Nottingham December 2017

Barely engaged a week, and Prince Harry and his fiancee, Miss Megham Narkle, were undertaking their first official engagement together.

Nottingham was chosen as the Prince has visited many times before, and a visit to a Terence Higgins AIDS Fair at 
Nottingham Contemporary was arranged. 

Crowds had gathered from early on, and a walkabout had been scheduled for the couple to meet as many people as possible! Although there were at times more press than public , as news crews from around the world descended on the city! many holding out microphones to get a comment.

The couple were so charmimg. I didnt realise Harry stood in front of me as I was so busy focusaing on Meghan! She is going to be a huge star of the British Royal Family. She thanked me for waiting to see her, took my flowers, then asked me my name. She Replied 'I'm Meghan, its so lovely to meet you' I added I hoped it would be the first of many times...!

The crowds waited to see them leave and as Prince Harry got into his car, Meghan was guided by a member of the prince's team to a lady in the crowd to colect flowers. The Prince beaming with pride!! That was something I noticed, a lady from the Prince's offcie was letting Meghan know where there were people with flowers and she criss-crossed to accept  as many as possible.

There had been an encounter the Prince had with a papparazzi I witnessed, who was being a tad agressive at what he could see, despite being on a stepladder at the front of a barrier and having a zoom that could have seen a speck of dust! After a few words from the Prince, he made sure he blocked his view from Meghan! Sadly some of the crowd mssed out too, but he was protecting his lady...........

Perhaps one of the strangest sights was an Owl in the crowd. The man who owned him was reported to have said, 'Well, Harry's brought his bird, so I brought mine!'

This will be the start of many similar viists by the couple prior to their May wedding.

Photographs COPYRIGHT Paul Ratcliffe. 

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