Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Princess Diana - SOUTHPORT June 1992

Diana, Prrincess of Wales in Southport in June 1992.

This was a truly memorable event, memorable because it was the first time the Princess had been seen to breakdown in public. With the Andrew Morton reports in the press, during her visit to the Queenscourt Hospice in the town she was overwhelmed by the support she had received.

I had gone to Southport with my Mum (who has since passed away herself.) My Mum was a lovely lady and her natural instinct when confronted with someone who was visibly upset was to gently stroke the Princesses face. It was a gesture that the Princess herself would comment on in the second Andrew Morton, quoted speaking in the book to a friend.  

The gesture was heartfelt, and the memories of that day will stay in  my mind for a long time.

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